Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Rituals of the Past and Present

Recently, well yesterday to be exact, I pledged a sorority. If you would like to be technical they call themselves a woman's fraternity but no matter. And though I won't go into detail the experience reminded me of the rituals we have discussed from the past. Words that are said, things that are done, and things that are seen. Really it is the same thing. And so I took comfort in the fact that really we were only performing something that had been done time and time again centuries ago maybe even by Demeter.

Below are some interesting links about Greek Rituals and Traditions. My experience made me want to research them a bit more.

http://atheism.about.com/library/FAQs/religion/blgrk_rituals06.htm this link discusses the various Greek festivals

http://people.uncw.edu/deagona/ancientnovel/kristina.htm this link discusses burial rituals something we are all familiar with from antigone

and this link discusses Greek religion http://library.thinkquest.org/28111/newpage2.htm

Happy reading!

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