Sunday, April 19, 2009


I also really enjoyed Zack's presentation on how his perspective and emotions changed after attending this class. Not only do I relate to how he feels I also enjoyed how he compared the class to Wikipedia and Sparknotes. Zack talks about how the literature of this class and others cannot be reproduced on Wikipedia and Sparknotes fully. Of course, if one is so inclined and rushed for time a person may almost always find the literature at these places. But the true meaning, emotion, and beauty of these works can never be captured and reproduced. By reading one of these sites we are really robbing ourselves of the experiences the authors intended for us.

Shoni talks about how movies on her shelf related to stories in our class. I have addressed my same findings in earlier blogs and enjoyed her comparisons. She relates Legends of the Fall to Hermes, Gran Torino to Antigone and George Steniers conflicts, and Dances With Wolves to Imaginary Life. Sadly, I have not seen any of these movies so I cannot comment further about this but I think I have found three movies to add to my queue.

I was surprised by how many people chose to write a short story. I had to laugh when Jillian discusses how she believed her short story would be original only to be beat by two people before her. I have not had a chance to read all of these short stories but I fully plan to because they all sounded extremely interesting. I also do not think I will have a chance to go to the Kagy Coffee Club but I will try to find something to substitute.

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