Sunday, April 19, 2009

It Haunts Me

This class has undoubtedly changed me, the evidence greets me every morning at breakfast. As Dr. Sexson asked I picked up the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and proceeded to read the headlines in a new light. I read the Chronicle everyday mind you, it's one of my favorite breakfast activities, but this time it certainly was truly different. One of the first headlines I read was, As bears die,hunters and climate change blamed. I really did not expect these kind of results the first day I tried this little experiment. Because as all of you, as well as I, know the bears they are surely talking about are none other than Callisto and certainly the hunters that are killing the bears are her son. It is with great certainty however, that I venture to believe that none of these hunters realize they are creating a perfect reenactment of said story. Which is such a shame, in my opinion. Here is a choice quote from the article, "Bears are being seen-and killed-in places where they were absent for decades."

In a day that followed, I have now forgotten which one, I found another article that again related perfectly to this class. I did not steal this paper as I did the bear one and so I cannot be as accurate as I would hope. Anyway, a doctor of sorts has theorized that our president Abraham Lincoln suffered from a rare genetic disorder. The man came to this conclusion because of the facts that Lincoln was extremely tall, had visible bumps on his lips, and his health seemed to be declining. The doctor goes on to describe that had Lincoln not been assassinated he instead would have died within a year from a cancer accompanying the disorder. Now this is all extremely interesting but it is a hypothesis.

The only way for the doctor to prove his theory is to test DNA. There is a piece of cloth that holds blood from the slain president in a museum in, I believe, Pennsylvania. The museum is unsure if this is ethically okay. Now I know this one is harder but all I could see was the story of Antigone in these lines. No, they are not fighting over Lincoln's body but they are fighting over a part of if and whether or not it is right to perform a certain act on it. Now can you see? Antigone completely.

Is this getting eerie yet? I am also reading a book for pleasure on my own time called "Love Walked In" by Marisa De Los Santos. It is a light, fluff, type of read but I think we as English majors all need that once in a while in between the Socrates and Whitman. But while I was reading the other day I came upon a scene where a woman is fighting with a brother-in-law rather fiercely. Just as the battle comes to a crescendo and the piercing words uttered this happens, "...we ended the night laughing." Even though they both were upset about many things and on the brink of what would be an emotional out pour of sadness instead the laughed to keep from crying.

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